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Heleigh Bostwick, Freelance Writer & Online Website Marketing Specialist

Freelance Writer

Heleigh Bostwick is a freelance writer specializing in natural living, the environment, antiques & collectibles, parenting, and home and garden topics. As a former environmental scientist she is adept at translating complex information into user-friendly content. She has been published in both print and online magazines and writes web copy for businesses and (SEO) keyword rich articles as well.


Business Profiles

Suburban Family

  • Family Jewelers: Jewelers for the Modern Age (PDF)
  • Frederic Meserall & Company (PDF)
  • Organic Producer magazine

  • A Farm Story: Four Springs Farm
  • American Builders Quarterly

  • Cambridge Building Corporation (PDF)
  • Schiavi Homebuilders (PDF)
  • Centennial Elevator Industries
  • K-Designers Home Remodelers (PDF)
  • Lumber One (PDF)
  • UP World

  • 10,000 Friends: Janet Milkman Keeps Pennsylvania Communities Strong (PDF)
  • Biography

    A Washington Post Company Publication

    --Ghostwriter for a series of biographies of key officials at EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

  • Paul Anastas, Asst. Administrator for Research and Development
  • Peter Silva, Asst. Administrator, Office of Water
  • Cynthia Giles, Asst. Administrator For Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
  • Michelle J. DePass, Asst. Administrator, Office of International Affairs
  • Craig E. Hooks, Asst. Administrator For Administration And Resource Management
  • Scott Fulton, EPA General Counsel
  • Musicians/Artists

  • Ricardo Solis, Percussionist for Earth People
  • Feature Articles

    ENN.com-Environmental News Network

  • Greening the Hotel Industry One Eco-Property at a Time
  • Taking the LEED in Green Building Design
  • Conservation Technology: Wave of the Future
  • D'Luxe magazine

  • Vinotherapy Spas: The Perfect Getaway for Wine Lovers (PDF)
  • Collectors News

  • American Decorative Aluminum Giftware (PDF)
  • Natural Family Online

  • Read the Label: What Do Natural and Organic Really Mean?
  • Organic Wines to Complement The Holiday Season (PDF)
  • Advertorials

    Suburban Family

  • Go Green, Get Green (5 ways to green up your home)
  • Suburban Home & Garden Resource Guide
  • Low Water Landscapes (PDF)
  • Trendwatch 2009: Landscaping on a Budget
  • Fantastic Fencing (PDF)
  • Outdoor Water Features: What Can You Do For $1000?
  • Water, Water Everywhere - Irrigation Systems
  • Southern Mountain Planned Communities

  • The Retreat on White Rock Mountain (PDF)
  • "Tusen Takk" -- Timber Frame Home, Lake Lure, NC
  • The Ramble at Biltmore Forest, Asheville, NC
  • Parenting Articles

    Natural Family Online

  • Managing Your Child's Television Viewing Time (PDF)
  • Foods That Fight Off Colds
  • Baby Atlas

  • Nursing Your Twins
  • Buying the Big Three: Car Seat, Crib, and Stroller
  • Bath Safety: What Parents Need to Know
  • Shorts & News Briefs


  • Purple Packs a Punch
  • Borba, Straight Up
  • Love Potion: Dark Chocolate & Roses Scrub

    Organic Producer
  • Consumer News in Brief (PDF)

    Web Content & Copywriting

    Client List:
    -LegalZoom.com (contributing writer since 2006)
    -Trouve Publishing
    -Life123.com (formerly GardenandHearth.com)
    -Rewind the Fifties (www.loti.com)
    -Artisan's Touch (www.whybuyplastic.com)
    -Eximius Personnel (www.eximiuspersonnel.ca)

    Selected Writing Clips:

  • 5 Reasons to Consider Starting a Business in a Recession
  • The Pros and Cons of Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • All About Lindt Chocolate
  • Stiletto Heels
  • Child bathroom decor and accessories ideas
  • Five Attractions in Florida the Whole Family Will Enjoy
  • Opinion

  • Soylent Green: Invasion Of The Soybean
  • Editing
    Baby Atlas Issue 1, Fall 2005
    The Runaway Red Shoes (Children's book)

    Rates--Available Upon Request

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    Web Editor & Manager

    As the editorial director and manager of My Garden Guide, her expertise in online marketing includes website branding and (re)-design, developing marketing strategies to promote websites, analysis of site usage statistics and trends to define target markets and users, and coordinating targeted advertising programs.

    Blogs & Newsletters:

    The Daily Dirt
    "Making Gardens Greener"

    "I enjoy your writings so much and look forward to your daily posts in "Making Gardens Greener". Thank you for all the effort you put into making these columns informative and interesting." - Julie
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