Natural anti-bacterial deodorant from Zosimos Botanicals

Essential Antibacterial Unisex Solid Deodorant

I've been searching for a long time for a natural deodorant that doesn't have any parabens, petroleum products, zinc, or aluminum in the ingredient list-and that actually works. I think I've found it in the Essential Deodorant Solid Unisex from Zosimos Botanicals.

I've given this deodorant stick quite a workout over the past 5 days and it's passed with flying colors, much to my delight as well as my surprise, since I've tried a few other natural deodorants and been less than happy with the results. Now, keep in mind that I'm not out there working in a stressful office setting (can't say I miss cube life one bit!), but I am a work at home mom with young children so I do my share of zipping about town. I also work out on the treadmill every day for at least 45 minutes.

Now ladies, if you're looking for something that smells sweet and feminine, this isn't it. I personally like the clean scent of the eucalyptus, sage, rosemary, and lemon grass essential oils that are part of the formula. For some women it may be a bit on the "sharp" side when you first apply it; however, once it melds with your body just a few minutes later, there's barely a scent. Another thing I should note is that because it's made from carnauba, candelilla, and soybean waxes, it's definitely solid at room temperature and a little tough to put on at first if the ambient temperature is on the cold side, but once it warms up to your skin's temperature it glides right on. If you prefer roll-on deodorants, Zosimos Botanicals also makes two of them in Jasmine or Lavender scent.

Overall, I thought the Essential Deodorant was a stellar product and one I will be using again. I'll be reviewing a couple of other products from Zosimos Botanicals soon, including mineral blush, shimmer dust (just in time for summer!), and some lip gloss and lipstick so stay tuned!

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