ZICO 100% pure coconut water

ZICO 100% Pure Coconut Water
Nature's Sports Drink

"Refreshing" was the unanimous decision of my guests after their first taste of ZICO, a wonderful drink made from 100% pure coconut water that bills itself "Nature's Sports Drink". And while I had to chuckle over the phrase "goes down smooth", I realized my friend was correct. ZICO is smooth-at least when compared to straight water. All three flavors-- natural, mango, and passion fruit with orange peel -- were a hit too. The Natural tasted slightly of coconut (naturally!) and the Mango and Passion Fruit with Orange Peel were subtle and not overpowering the way artificial flavors in those "other sports drinks" are.

ZICO Pure Coconut Water contains lots of goodies that do a body good including 5 essential electrolytes and more potassium than a banana, as well as cytokins, potent antioxidant compounds that help regenerate new skin cells and promote healthier, younger-looking, and softer skin.

Each 11 ounce serving of ZICO is packaged in 100% recyclable environmentally friendly Tetra Pak cartons. And because they're made from paper not plastic they take up less room and weighing less, reduce the carbon footprint. ZICO is also shelf stable, and requires no refrigeration (saves energy!).

Hmmm…environmentally friendly, great after a workout, and good for my skin? Pass the ZICO please!

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