Terra Naturals Wrinkle Guard

Wrinkle Guard: Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care for the Eyes
Terra Naturals

While nothing can prevent wrinkles from occurring, there are products that can slow them down and reduce their appearance. Wrinkle Guard from Terra Firma Naturals is one of those products. Even better is that the all-natural anti-aging ingredients-seaweed, aloe vera, green tea, stabilized oxygen, lichen, frankincense, geranium, and rosewood--are paraben-free.

Wrinkle Guard is formulated specifically for the delicate under eye area, one of the first parts of the face where fine lines show up and skin begins to get that crepe paper look. One of the nice things about Wrinkle Guard, which has a delicate scent due to the floral and botanical ingredients, is that it is not a cream, yet adds moisture to the skin under the eyes when applied.

The consistency is that of a gel, similar to aloe vera gel but not at all runny, and it glides on smooth as a whisper (sorry to be corny but there's just no other way to describe this gel) without disturbing the delicate under-eye skin at all. The result is just wonderful. skin looks more youthful, that crepe paper look vanishes, and fine lines disappear immediately, yet your under eye area doesn't look greasy or slick the way some eye creams make this area look when they are applied.

What I love most about Wrinkle Guard however, is that it's completely natural and I can apply it as many times a day as I want and even before bed without waking up to puffy eyes the next morning. The only caution I have is not to overdo it and apply too much. A little goes a long way even when applied several times a day.

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