SPONGE skin care

SPONGE Skin Care

SPONGE is a Greek skin care line that was originally developed by a doctor for his pregnant patients. I'd never heard of it, but since European skin care companies are typically cutting edge when it comes to organic skin care ingredients, I couldn't wait to try SPONGE.

I tried several of the skin care products; the Day Cream (Krema Imeras) with lime blossom, sage, and rosemary, a Body Milk (Galaktoma Somatos) with St. John's wort, peppermint, and olive leaf, and an Avocado Oil restorative (ladi avokanto) with vitamins D and E. All of them were very gentle on my skin. And because my skin is on the dry side, I found the olive oil base to be perfect for me. What I found interesting is that while the herbal extracts are formulated in an olive oil base, the products were not greasy at all. In fact, I'd describe them as having a matte finish that after being applied, made my skin feel very soft and supple. SPONGE products do not include artificial perfumes either, but are highly fragrant, reminiscent of classic perfumes from the 1950s, which only adds to the eco-glamorous aspect in my mind.

Made from organically certified and wild crafted herbs, whose essence is extracted naturally from the plants themselves by boiling so as to not compromise the active ingredients, there is no chemical processing at all. Products are not tested on animals and are hypoallergenic. The packaging is very eco-friendly as well made from 100% recyclable materials and biodegradable soy inks.

Overall, I thought SPONGE was a great skin care line and I highly recommend it. I also was intrigued by the story behind the name, SPONGE, but I won't give it away. You'll have to visit their website!

SPONGE skin care products are available through their website, www.spongeskincare.com, or from www.dermstore.com.

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