Pure Venom Lip Stain Pure Berry

Pure Venom Natural Lip Plumping Lip Stain

I just love lip stains and the Pure Venom Pure Berry Lip Stain from DuWop that I recently had the opportunity to try is no exception. It's also doubly wonderful because of its environmentally friendly packaging, which I'll get to in a minute.

This lip stain has zing! The coverage was great, the bing cherry red color was terrific and the lip stain smells incredible---a mix of cinnamon leaf and peppermint oils. And, because Pure Venom is a natural lip plumping lip stain, there's even a bit of zing when it's on your lips. Not much, but enough that you're aware it's on your lips for a minute or two. As far as the application goes, Pure Venom glides right onto your lips thanks to the combination of beeswax, shea butter, and jojoba and safflower oils. I applied it with my finger, which worked fine, but I'd recommend using a lipstick brush.

And now for the packaging. Completely sustainable and recyclable, the company has eschewed traditional ink printing for embossing, both on the paper package and on the lip stain tin itself. Great idea!

Pure Venom comes in two shades, Pure Berry and Pure Nude (colors shown to the right). If you're looking for an adorable, portable, eco-friendly lip stain to throw in your makeup bag, then give Pure Venom a try.

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