Organic Pure Bars

The Pure Bar
The Pure Bar

Chewy and moist, Pure Bars are made with certified organic and raw ingredients like rich cocoa, tart cherries, blueberries, apples, dates, cashews, and almonds. Don't let the "raw ingredients" part of it turn you off though. It simply means that the ingredients aren't cooked or processed in any way so that these yummy bars retain all the nutrients and sweetness nature intended, as well as those all-important antioxidants.

Available in six delicious flavors including Chocolate Brownie, Cherry Cashew, Wild Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry Orange, and Chocolate Chip Trail Mix, Pure Bars contain no added sugars or preservatives, no dairy or wheat (gluten free), no GMOs, and no soy (yay!), which is often used as a filler in "healthy foods". I liked the Wild Blueberry Bar and Chocolate Chip Trail Mix Bar best. The Chocolate Brownie Bar is pretty tasty too, but if you're looking for something really chocolatey you might not be satisfied.. My least favorite bars? Cherry Cashew Bar and the Cranberry Orange Bar. The cherry and orange flavors were not as flavorful as I wanted and both bars were a little too moist for my liking.

I handed the Pure Bars out to family members too, who raved about the Apple Cinnamon Pure Bar, and desperately tried to get my 4 year old twins to try them to no avail. I won't however, let that deter me from trying again because I'm certain the girls will enjoy the fruitier tasting bars once they get past their finicky eating phase. Pure Bars are a terrific, healthy snack for kids and each 1.7-ounce bar is the equivalent of 1.5 servings of fruit (great for school lunchboxes!)

All in all, I think Pure Bars are a good alternative to some of the other health bars out there, especially for anyone following a vegan or raw food diet, and of course kids, and parents on the go. Pure Bars are sold by the case (12 per box) so you can stock up on one or all of your favorite flavors!

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