Plant Love Botanical Lipsticks

Plant Love Botanical Lipstick
Cargo Cosmetics

What's not to love about PlantLove Botanical Lipsticks from Cargo Cosmetics? Never mind that the lipstick tube itself is compostable since it's made from corn and the packaging is embedded with wildflower seeds, or that PlantLove has received the ECOCERT designation that ensures all products, processes, and packaging meet the strictest standards for natural, organic and environmentally friendly content. Or, that these lipsticks and lip glosses are free of parabens, phthalates, petro-chemicals, synthetic dyes and fragrances.

The lipstick went on smoothly and was what you'd expect in a good quality lipstick (just the right amount of pigment and nice coverage). The color wasn't the best for me but was perfect for my mom so, she is happily wearing PlantLove lipsticks now. I tried--and kept--the Geranium lip gloss, which I was also happy with, and is a better lifestyle choice for a busy mom.

I also liked that some of the lipsticks in the line were inspired by places of ecological beauty and had names like Muir Woods, Joshua Tree, and Yakushima (the sample I tried), as well as the fact they were made in Italy. The retro floral design on the lipstick tube and packaging is a fun touch too, so if you're looking for some groovy green glamour, then check out the PlantLove Botanical Lipsticks.

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