Tahitian Noni Sunscreen: Environmental Shield SPF 20

I hate to admit it, but Iím really bad at using sunscreen on my face and neck. Shame on me, I know. Iíve tried many different brands over the years and just havenít been able to find a suncreen for my face that I liked and that felt goodĖuntil now. Enter TePOEMA Environmental Shield SPF 20.

Like many of the other TePOEMA products, it contains the Micro-Swelling Defense Complex made from noni fruit juice and leaf extract and juice to protect skin from the effects of the elements. Other natural ingredients include turmeric root extract, kelp and red algae extract, banana extract, and coconut oil among others.

What is it that I like about this sunscreen more than others Iíve tried over the years? For one, it contains active ingredients that protect against both UVB and UVA rays, but no but no PABA, TEA, or benzophenones. For another, itís not gloppy or sticky. In fact, it feels more like a moisturizer that leaves a satiny finish on my face.

It also smells good. Not that ubiquitous coconut smell that makes you want to gag, but almost flowery. And, of course thereís the SPF 20, which is more than adequate for my part of the country and the amount of time I spend in the sun, which is not much these days.

As for the negatives, I havenít found any yet, so the TePOEMA Environmental Shield SPF 20 is definitely a sunscreen that I will continue to use.

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