TePOEMA Skin Care:
Tahitian Noni Restorative Eye Essence

Tahitian noni is quite a commodity. There’s Tahitian Noni Juice, Tahitian Noni for Weight Loss, Canine and Equine Essentials–pet food made with parts of the noni tree–and a hair care line. It’s also part of a facial and body skin care line.

While Quackwatch doesn’t have many kind words to say about Tahitian Noni (mostly related to unsubstantiated health benefit claims made by sales affiliates), I’ve found the facial skin care line to be quite good. Here’s what I thought about the Skin Renovation Cream, but now I’d like to offer my thoughts on the Restorative Eye Essence for under-eye circle and wrinkle repair–basically touted as relief for puffy tired eyes.

Like all of the facial skincare products, the Restorative Eye Essence contains the Micro-Swelling Defense Complex made from the leaves and fruits of the noni tree. Additional ingredients include oils from the macademia nut, noni seed, coconut, and extracts of bamboo and sweet pea. For the record, bamboo extract is used as an anti-microbial in foods and in cosmetic preparations is micronized to assist in very gentle exfoliation of skin cells.

Applied twice daily under the moisturizer, it firms up the delicate skin under the eye and reduces swelling. One of the ingredients, palmitolyl tetra-peptide-3, is a Retin-A equivalent that smooths rough skin and helps get rid of facial wrinkles without the inflammation caused by retinoid agents like Retin-A. Some have reported that it lightens under-eye circles but I’m a bit skeptical of that claim. Nothing personal against Tahitian Noni, I just don’t think any under eye creams can lighten dark circles.

Regardless, I’d have to conclude that after using Restorative Eye Essence the area under my eyes definitely looked and felt better. And that’s what counts.

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