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TePOEMA: Tahitian Noni Natural Skin Care Products

With the recent trend in using exotic fruits for beauty and health, I was pleased to see some samples of TePOEMA natural skin care products arrive in the mail. Made from the the juice and extracts of the fruit and leaves of the Noni tree and native to Hawaii and the Tahitian islands of the South Pacific, Asia, and northern Australia, these products–-the Restorative Eye Essence, Youth Restore Serum, and Skin Renovation Cream--are specifically those designed for mature skin.

Since I’m a 40-something mom of two toddlers, I decided to try the Skin Renovation Cream first. The package says that it improves tired, stressed out skin and firms and lifts. After using the cream, I’m inclined to agree.

The Skin Renovation Cream (as well as the other two products mentioned here) use what is called a “Micro-Swelling Defense Complex” formulated from Noni fruit and leaves (Morinda citrifolia). Coconut fruit juice and bamboo extract are also major players in the ingredient list as is glucosamine hydrochloride, important for healthy skin, and which applied topically may prevent or reverse wrinkles. Another key ingredients that acts to protect skin is tamanu seed oil.

The cream is not a moisturizer in and of itself, it’s applied to the face and neck after moisturizing your face and neck. Rather, it’s a skin protector, protecting against micro-swelling, which according to the Tahitian Noni website causes wrinkling. Despite an extensive search however, I could not find out the exact meaning of micro-swelling except as it relates to tropical soils.

Nonetheless, I loved the Skin Renovation Cream, which has a pleasant scent and glides on smoothly. In fact, I liked the feel of it so much I applied it several times a day whether I had moisturized or not! It made my skin feel very soft and evened out the skin texture so those tiny dry rough patches and fine lines were no longer present. If I wore makeup, it would be terrific to use under foundation. The cream definitely made my skin feel thicker and firmer just like it claimed it would. While most of the ingredients are natural, it does contain trace amounts of fragrance, tocopherols, and methylparaben, listed as the last three ingredients.

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