LUMIXYL Topical Brightening Kit

LUMIXYL Topical Brightening Kit

A couple of months ago I visited the dermatologist for my annual skin check. Although the doctor told me that my skin looked great for my age, I still whined to her about the fact that I have those dreaded age spots in a couple of locations on my face. She mentioned that laser would be the most effective option to get rid of them, but it's also the most expensive (!). When the opportunity to try the LUMIXYL Topical Brightening Kit presented itself, I jumped at the chance.

Although at first glance figuring out how to use the 4-step process in the LUMIXYL kit was confusing, but after some digging around in the box I located a handy postcard size "Recommended Usage Guide" that outlines what to use when. The first two steps consist of an Active-Prep Cleanser to be used morning and evening and the LUMIXYL Topical Brightening Creme, also used morning and night after cleansing. The third step is the GlycoPeel 20, a rapid exfoliating lotion, which was to be used every other morning for the first two weeks (after 8 weeks it's okay to apply twice a day).

The fourth step, which is a very important one, is to apply the MoistureLock sunscreen (active ingredient titanium dioxide), every morning. I dutifully applied the sunscreen even when a snowstorm was imminent and I knew my face wouldn't be seeing any sun for days at a time here in northern New England.

All in all the LUMIXYL kit was fairly easy to use and the ingredients are non-irritating including those in the GlycoPeel, which did not bother my skin or make it red or irritated at any time during the eight weeks I used the kit. The MoistureLock sunscreen really was moisturizing. The cleanser was mild as well and I had no trouble using it twice a day. Another aspect that I liked is that using LUMIXYL will not increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun--and it's made in the USA.

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