Glowelle Beauty Drink

Glowelle Beauty Drink

Glowelle, developed by an entrepreneurial group of women at the Nestlé company, is the latest introduction to the beauty drink craze.

Considered a beauty supplement, Glowelle hydrates and nourishes your skin from within. The all-natural ingredients are packed with antioxidants including catechins from green tea, lycopene (carotenoids), grape seed extract, and pomegranate extract. Sold in both ready to drink glass bottles (the ruby red colors are exquisite and enticing!), as well as convenient on the go packets (7 day or 30 day supply), Glowelle is easy to use every single day.

I tried the Glowelle Powder Raspberry Jasmine 7 Day Powder Stick Pack and thought it tasted great--not too fruity or sugary, and with just the right amount of "tastes healthy" to it. The suggested amount of water is 16 fluid ounces (about two glasses), but you can mix the powder with as much or as little water as you want. I opted for 8 ounces and it was fine.

I adored the retro-mod look of the packaging too, plus tucked inside the box is a really cute Glowelle pouch that's perfect for carrying the powder packets when you're on the go.

Glowelle is also available in a Pomegranate Lychee flavor. It's a great product for every age group. Why not make Glowellea part of your daily beauty routine?

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