Glimpse Skin Care System by XanGo

Glimpse - Intuitive Skin Care by XanGo
Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care

The first thing that struck me when I tried Glimpse, the new skin care line from XanGo, was the delicate aroma of the mangosteen fruit. If you've ever tried mangosteen fruit-fresh or dried--you'll know what I mean. I found it a wonderful alternative to the smell of most fragrance-free natural skin care products, even though Glimpse is indeed, fragrance-free as well as hypoallergenic.

Mangosteen infused water and select botanicals, combined with BioActive X³ Complex™ derived from the pericarp of the mangosteen, and a blend of three xanthone complexes derived from the mangosteen fruit, forms the basis for the Glimpse skin care line, which offers two skin care systems geared toward minimizing aging and soothing skin. Each system includes the same toner and serum, but offers a choice of cleansers, creamy or gel, as well as either a moisturizing cream or a moisturizing lotion. Because my skin is on the dry side even in summer, I decided to try the creamy cleanser first and found it a perfect alternative for morning-just enough to wake up my skin. For my skin type the gel cleanser was a better choice for nighttime and it left my face feeling really clean and ready for the rest of the 4-step skin care regime, which included the toner, serum, and moisturizers.

The lotion, which by definition is more lightweight, is better for hot and humid weather and under makeup; however, the lotion was just a bit too light for my mature, somewhat dry skin. On the other hand, the Glimpse moisturizing cream was a dream and I found it suitable for either day or night time use.

Glimpse adheres to strict "green chemistry" standards and contains no toxic chemicals, so if you like natural skin care products it is definitely a skin care line I would recommend trying!

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