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Glass Dharma Drinking Straws
The Original Glass Straw

I recently had the pleasure of trying something eco-unique--a glass drinking straw. To a straw devotee, this is a terrific and timely concept because every time I use a plastic straw, which happens to be every day, I feel a twinge of guilt. You can imagine my delight when glass dharma sent me a press release about their revolutionary new glass drinking straws.

Made in the USA from borosilicate-type glass, the same type of glass that Corning uses in their Pyrex dishes, these glass straws are very durable and won't shatter if they clunk against another glass object. In fact, there is a lifetime guarantee against breakage. Since they're re-usable they are sustainable. The glass straws are also dishwasher safe and can be used for hot or cold drinks. And did you know that using a straw keeps your teeth healthier and whiter because most of the liquid bypasses your teeth?

There are three different styles to choose from: Beautiful Bend, Simple Elegance, and Decorative Dots. I tried all three. All of them are clear glass, which makes it easy to make sure they are clean. A cleaning brush is sold separately if you need it. The decorative dots style has two, well, decorative glass dots in a choice of green, red, blue, or clear. It's shorter than the other two glass straws, about 6.25 inches in length so I'd suggest using it for barware, coffee or tea.

The Beautiful Bend has a bend to it, similar to a flexible drinking straw and was as long as a traditional plastic straw. The wider diameter makes it perfect for smoothies or milkshake type drinks. Simple elegance pretty much looks like a regular straw so I'd consider it multi-purpose.

A terrific product that gets six thumbs up in this household!

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