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Glacial Marine Body Scrub

When I first heard about the Glacial Marine Body Scrub made from 10,000 year old glacial marine clay deposits and pristine Northern Prairie Salts, I couldn't wait to try it. Sure enough, I wasn't disappointed.

The Glacial Marine Body Scrub contains 100% natural ingredients and absolutely nothing you can't pronounce. The green clay, which like all clays is composed of very fine particles, is found only off the northern coast of British Colombia. The Northern Prairie salts, which are extra-fine mineral crystals from the sea, are also exclusively Canadian. No surprise since the company that makes this body scrub is Montreal-based A Natural Perspective.

When the body scrub arrived I quickly opened it to see what it looked like and was met with the most wonderful fragrance wafting out of the jar. I looked at the ingredients to see what made the body scrub smell so good. It had to be the mix of essential oils-grapefruit, bergamot, lavender, and geranium along with the lemon extract.

I tried the body scrub that night. Before using it, I had to mix it thoroughly as the sweet almond and other botanical oils had separated out and the fine clay and salts had settled to the bottom. Easy to do using a spoon, or in a pinch the handle of your toothbrush.

Per the directions on the jar, I scooped out a small amount and applied it with a circular motion to my clean damp (not wet) skin. I even tried the body scrub on my face, although it's clearly meant for the body and not the face. It was divine, and was indeed gentle enough for my face. The fine salt crystals mixed with the clay really felt smooth unlike most salt scrubs I've tried or made.

The Glacial Marine Body Scrub left my skin feeling incredibly smooth, not to mention delightfully scented. I highly recommend the Glacial Marine Body Scrub. Besides, with ingredients like these, you can't go wrong.

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