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Gaea: Greek Gourmet Cuisine
Gaea Products S.A.

A couple of months ago I was sent three samples from Gaea Products S.A., a Greek company specializing in Greek Mediterranean gourmet specialties including a delightful Sundried Tomatoes Tapenade that I was more than delighted to test out, along with two wonderfully rich Greek olive oils.

Made from all natural ingredients that include sun dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, green olives, and goat cheese, the Sundried Tomatoes Tapenade, as expected was nothing short of delicious! And like all excellent tapenades, it was full of flavor and a little bit went a long way. I also sampled the Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Sitia, Crete Extra Virgin Olive Oil, both of which are classified D.O.P (Protected designation of origin).

In addition, both of these award winning olive oils --Kalamata Olive Oil was the winner of the "Silver Olive" Third International Olive Oil Award in Zurich, CH in 2004 for its "fresh green [olive] flavor and peppery after taste" and Sitia, Crete Olive Oil, lauded for its fruity and aromatic qualities, was the recipient of several awards in 2001-- are grown and harvested by family farmers in Greece using traditional methods.

More importantly however, is that Gaea is to be commended for its initiatives in the eco-friendly gourmet market. The Kalamata and Sitia, Crete Olive Oils are part of Gaea's 100% Natural Carbon Neutral Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oils--the world's first.

Visit the Gaea website for some tasty recipes using their products and don't forget to add a few Greek gourmet products from Gaea to your Christmas and holiday gift baskets this year. Your recipients will thank you!

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