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Mint Foot Softening Lotion

After exfoliating and removing the rough bits from my heels using a lavender sugar scrub, I applied the mint foot softening lotion twice a day (morning and evening) for several days. The lotion did not feel waxy or greasy, was easy to apply and was quickly absorbed into my skin without a trace. If lotions were described like this, I would describe the mint foot softening lotion as having a matte satin finish. I loved everything about it--from its delicate yet refreshing peppermint fragrance (reminded me of candy canes) to the way it left my dry, prone to cracking heels feeling smooth.

There is a long list of ingredients, 31 in fact, that include botanical extracts (slippery elm, black willow bark), oils (jojoba and sweet almond oil), aloe juice, kelp, green tea, and many others. What's nice is that the accompanying ingredients list details what each ingredient is used for. As a precautionary note, peppermint oil may be irritating to some people so do a test patch first if you think you might have a reaction.

The philosophy behind Five Star Nights is based on the premise that skin care and beauty products should be made from natural ingredients and fragrance free except for the use of essential oils for fragrance such as the case with the mint foot softening lotion. Products made without methyl or propylparaben have a shelf life of three months.

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