Dreamerz: Natural Sleep Solutions

My friends and family laughed when I told them about my "magic potion", otherwise known as Dreamerz, but believe me, it really works--as my friends and family quickly discovered for themselves. I'm fairly skeptical about most things, but I'm quite amazed at how well Dreamerz works. And of course, I like the fact that the ingredients are completely natural, containing no artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives, just a low dose of melatonin, a milk protein derived from milk casein called Lactium®, and a substance called PharmaGABA, an amino acid that promotes relaxation and sleep.

There are three different formulations and all three taste pretty good; an herbal fruit powder in peach or raspberry flavor that you mix with water, two surprisingly yummy tasting dairy beverages, Chocolate S'nores and Vanilla Van Winkle (gotta love those names!), and Chocolate Pillows (pictured above) that resemble miniature chocolate bars.

While I liked all three, I found the chocolate pillows and the dairy based beverages were more effective than the fruit powders at getting me in the mood...for sleep that is, but the difference was slight. Within an hour of taking the product I became pleasantly drowsy and, provided I actually went to bed, I was able to sleep through the entire night, waking up in the morning feeling relaxed, rested, and ready to face the day, well, as ready as I can be with two 4 year olds demanding my attention all day!

For the calorie conscious, one serving of the Chocolate S'nores or Vanilla Van Winkle is only 100 calories, one chocolate pillow (the recommended dose even though they taste so good you might be tempted to have two!) is 50 calories, and the herbal fruit flavored drink powder, which is also the most portable) is only 30 calories. The dairy-based beverages are also a good source of calcium.

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