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I recently had the opportunity to try the Merlot Liposome Moisturizer from the gourmet skin care line from Cygalle Healing Spa. This wonderful moisturizer is made from natural ingredients including organically grown red wine extract, apricot kernel oil, and natural plant butters it's perfect for nourishing dry skin common during the winter months. It's also a fabulous moisturizer for anyone who falls into the "mature skin" category, which happens to be me!

What I loved most about the Merlot Liposome Moisturizer was the velvety smooth way it felt on my skin and the way it seemed to diminish those fine lines that suddenly appear during the winter dry skin season. The velvety smoothness of the moisturizer also made it perfect for wearing makeup.

Also, because I live in an extreme northern climate (an hour south of Montreal) I often wear layers of moisturizers, a whisper thin application of almond or avocado oil for example on my skin that I apply before a moisturizer. The Merlot Liposome Moisturizer worked perfectly as the second layer and gave my skin a nice "matte finish". I also liked that it stayed on all day unlike some moisturizers that seem to wear off after several hours.

Cygalle Healing Spa is an eco-friendly spa founded by Cygalle Dias. Located in Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, it began as a mobile spa pampering celebrities and fashion icons at elite special events worldwide. Dias hopes to launch a New York City location soon so stay tuned!

Cygall Healing Spa products are available from the Cygalle Healing Spa store.

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