Clean Body Book Review
Book Review:

Clean Body: The Humble Art of Zen-Cleansing Yourself

by Micahel DeJong

I love this book for a couple of reasons, not just for its diminutive size and simple, but powerful black and white graphics, but also because it's a entertaining read, informative, and the royalties are donated to the OneCleanWorld Foundation, a non-profit that supports environmental projects all over the world. Oh, and did I mention it has wonderful recipes too?

You might have already guessed from the book's name that these recipes are not related to food, but to cleansing the mind and body-and of course your er, private bits. DeJong also offers a number of natural solutions to pesky problems like taming the frizz in your hair, freshening your breath, acne, dandruff, and body odor. What I really like is that all of the recipes use one of five pure and simple ingredients, baking soda, lemon, olive oil, salt, and white vinegar.

Clean Body starts off with a well organized A to Z index of topics. From there, we learn about DeJong's philosophy on a clean living space as well as body. Yes, he admits he's a bit obsessive in this department but better that than headed in the other direction I say!

Next, are delicious details about each of the five ingredients, and finally the recipes themselves, which are arranged into sections alphabetically and roughly by body region, including Elbows and Knees, Face, Feet, Hair, Hands, Mouth, Privates (for him and her), Scalp, Skin, and Tush.

The recipes in each section are preceded by a few words of witty commentary. In fact, DeJong's sense of humor is a constant throughout the book. It's obvious that he had a blast writing Clean Body and you will have even more fun reading it.

Sterling Publishing (May 5, 2009)
$10.99US; ISBN-13: 978-1402766794

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