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Natural Cleansing Clay Soap

Clay soap is often recommended for oily skin; however, I've found this particular clay soap from TTE Skincare to be just fine for my dry to normal skin. TTE Skincare prides itself on making skincare products that are not skin-type specific and formulated for every skin type-dry, normal, oily, and mature (don't you just hate that term?).

I've been using the clay soap in conjunction with the Hydrating Moisturizer whose primary ingredient is aloe vera. In fact, most of TTE Skincare's products are formulated with aloe vera, which is listed as the first ingredient on the label. Savvy consumers know that this means that aloe vera is the product's main ingredient.

Clay is the second ingredient listed on the soap's ingredient list, unlike many other clay soaps where clay is found down near the bottom of the list. The natural cleansing clay soap is made with glyceryl, soy, coconut, and rosemary oils and is recommended for the face or body, as well as a shampoo. I've been using the clay soap for several weeks now with excellent results. The clay helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and leaves my face feeling smooth and soft.

This soap contains no synthetic fragrance. For some the lack of fragrance may be a bit of a shock to the olfactory senses. It certainly made me realize how conditioned we are to fragrances in our skincare products. Never fear though, after a day or two you won't even notice. As a matter of fact, you'll probably look forward to fragrance free cleansing from now on.

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