IT Cosmetics Brow Power Lift

Brow Power Lift and Universal Eyebrow Pencil
IT Cosmetics by Jamie Kern

There's nothing better than makeup that performs multiple functions and is paraben free! And that's exactly what the Brow Power Universal Transforming Eyebrow Pencil and Brow Power Lift illuminating, Lifting Pencil of Light (both from IT Cosmetics by Jamie Kern) do both.

First, the Brow Power Lift. It's an anti-aging dual illuminating pencil that is matte on one end and pearl on the other. I have to say that when I removed the illuminating pencil from the package I was slightly skeptical and not quite sure how to us it. Fortunately the PR sheet was easy to read so I looked it over and quickly headed to the bathroom to stand under those dreaded bathroom lights that always make me look 10 years older. Sigh...

I traced the pearl illuminator end of the Brow Lift pencil along the bottom edge of my left eyebrow and blended it in.

Surprise! It worked pretty well at opening up my eyes and making them look brighter. So I tried it on the right eyebrow. Same results. Another trick you might want to try is to dab a few short strokes on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. this brightens up the eye area as well.

I was definitely liking this product.

The illuminator is natural looking, soft and invisible to the eye, but attracts light to the area both above and below your eyebrows, creating a more lifted, youthful look. Not only was it effective, it was quick and easy to use--always a plus when you're rushing out the door, but need to give the illusion of having it all together!

Next, I tried the Universal Eyebrow Pencil. This is a great gadget because you don't have to pick a color to match your brows. That's right. It's a universal shade that transforms and adjusts to all brow colors.

At one end is a spooley brush so you can give your eyebrows a quick "brush" before applying the brow pencil. The oval-shaped tip of the brow pencil glides on smoothly and there's no need to sharpen the pencil either. Press lighter and the color is lighter--perfect for blond or silver hair. Press medium and the color is just right for brunettes and red heads, and those with gray rather than silver locks. Press firmly if you're a dark brunette or have black hair. Pretty nifty, huh?

Neither is tested on animals, and both are hypoallergenic, and of course paraben-free. Just the way I like my make-up. The brow pencil also contains green tea extract, horsetail flower extract, and grapeseed extract.

If you're looking for a few more secret weapons in your anti-aging arsenal, then check out these two products today. You'll love them.

P.S. For every Brow Power pencil sold, IT Cosmetics donates one Brow Power pencil to the Look Good, Feel Better program to help women fight the effects of cancer with confidence.

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