Chocolate Spice Tiles

Chocolate Spice Tiles
2 Chicks with Chocolate

Like many women I sometimes crave chocolate...and today was one of those days. As luck would have it there were no deep dark chocolate bars lurking in my kitchen cupboards. As I sat in my home office tapping at the keyboard I debated whether to head out to the store in search of, but before I could decide what to do the doorbell rang. There on the porch was a package I hadn't expected until the following week. 2 Chicks with Chocolate to the rescue!

Inside the box was a package of Spice Tiles and 2 Chicks with Chocolate's signature Fire & Ice Martini and Hot Cocoa Mix. I set the Fire & Ice aside for later and quickly opened the package of chocolate Spice Tiles.

By now you are probably wondering what these Spice Tiles could possibly be. Well, I'll tell you: Thin bars (hence the "tiles" in the name) of Swiss premium milk chocolate with a unique twist of spices and salt--cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg, and cayenne pepper to be precise.

I ate four in a, two, three, four. Made by hand without any additives or preservatives, they were extraordinarily delicious! If there's a chocolate lover in your life, then these chocolate Spice Tiles would make a great little Valentine's Day gift. On second thought, I'd be happy to get a box any time of the year (hint, hint).


2 Chicks with Chocolate products are available nationally on their website and locally in the NYC area at Macy's Herald Square, Century 21 and The Chocolate Library (St. Marks Place in the Village) and select casinos in Atlantic City.

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