The 5 Best Wood Play Kitchens

If you're reading this article you probably don't need any convincing that wood is better than plastic. Why? Because most plastic is made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource. Wood used to make these play kitchens might not be sustainably harvested, but is a renewable resource. I like the way wood play kitchens look too and it's just as easy to clean a wood play kitchen as a plastic one. Just take it outside and hose it down, then let it dry in the sun.

The Winners

With a little bit of searching I found five play kitchens made of wood in five different styles--something to suit everyone's taste, and budget too. Three of them were made by a company called KidKraft, another by Educo, maker of the wire and bead mazes that kids love so much, and one by Melissa and Doug.

1. The KidKraft Ultimate Girls Wooden Play Kitchen is a winner for most parents.

2. Large Kitchen by KidKraft "The best one out there"..."furniture quality"..."The absolute best". That's what some happy parents had to say about this kitchen.

3. The Deluxe Kitchen by Melissa and Doug with beautiful detailing, colorful graphics, and plenty of features including a see-thru mini fridge.

4. Educo My Creative Cookery Club (pictured above)
This mini-kitchen from Educo features a sink, stove top, cupboard, oven with see-through plexiglass door, and backsplash with three pegs, and includes 23 wooden pieces of play cookware, food and utensils. Made of Baltic birch, it's for perfect for families living in apartments or homes with limited space. Ages 3 to 6.

5. Fans of mid-century modern will adore the Pink Vintage Retro Pretend Play Kitchen from Kid Kraft.

Accessories for Play Kitchens

No matter which play kitchen you choose, you'll probably want to buy your children some play kitchen accessories such as this 11-piece stainless steel pots, pans, and utensils or the wooden kitchen pots and pan set from Melissa and Doug, which also makes these four food groups. The food items cover most of the basic food items that are probably found in your house and are guaranteed to be a hit. My girls love them and the little crates are cute too.

Aprons, chef hats, oven mitts, and hand towels like the ones that are part of the Lil Chef Set are also a lot of fun for kids to wear when they cook in their kitchen.

Last but not least... check out these Cookbooks for Kids!

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