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Welcome to Natural Parenting!

Although I happen to be a mom of twins and some of the articles may have a "mom of twins" slant to them, natural parenting offers parenting tips and advice for every mom and dad, but especially those who revere the natural world and are interested in teaching their children how to live a green lifestyle.

5 Best Wood Dollhouses for Young Kids New!

5 Favorite Fold and Go Portable Wood Toys

Best Art Supplies for Young Children

5 Best Wood Play Kitchens

Toddlers and Sharing

When Your Toddlers are Driving You Nuts!

Shopping with Toddlers

Photographing Twins

Easy Gardening Projects for Kids

Teaching Your Children About Nature

Even Poison Ivy Has Flowers

Autumn is Harvest Time

Indian Summer

Pansies and Other Edible Flowers

Why Leaves Turn Colors

Health & Well-Being
Foods That Fight Off Colds

Holiday Shopping with Kids: Safety Tips

Are Your Kids Watching Too Much TV?

Six Tips for Managing your Child's Television Viewing

Natural Treatments for Diaper Rash

Baby Food
Easy Baby Food Recipes

Making Your Own Baby Food

For Moms
New Mom Pampering Kit: Spa Recipes for Feet and Hands

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