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Easy Gardening Projects for Kids

Kids, young and old love to putter in the garden. My 4 year olds are always willing to water, dig in the dirt, and pick the strawberries and cherry tomatoes--usually before they are ripe (we're working on that!) When choosing a gardening project for children, think in terms of bright colors, shapes, and the "fun factor".

1. Sunflowers
Sunflowers are always a fun growing project because of their bright yellow colors and their gigantic size. Plus they look like the sun!

2. Popcorn
Most kids love popcorn, so it's fun for them to experience the journey from seed to popping corn. Corn stalks and ears of corn are also kind of interesting because of their size. Unfortunately because of hybridization you can't just plant the kernels you buy at the store, you actually need to purchase seeds.

3. Peas
Even picky eaters like peas because of their sweet taste. Who can resist opening those cute little peapods to see what's inside?

4. Cherry Tomatoes
Bright colors and fruits that are just the right size for small hands are the main attraction with cherry or grape tomatoes, which ripen more quickly than plum or regular size tomatoes.

5. Strawberries
In addition to the pretty white flowers, strawberries have pretty red berries that are also easy to pick--and pop into their mouths when no one's looking!

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