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How to Throw a Spa Party at Home

Throwing your own spa party at home can be a great way to relax with friends. Hosting a spa party at home can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. Here's what you need to know about throwing a spa party at home.

Time, Day, and Number of Guests
You and your guests should set aside at least 3 hours to really relax and enjoy yourselves. Sunday afternoons work well as do Saturday nights.

Keep it Simple
For special occasions consider hiring a spa service to come to your house. However, if your spa party is just a get together for your best pals, you might want to keep it simple and limit the spa treatments to facials, pedicures, hand or foot paraffin treatments, reflexology, and foot baths.

Consider hiring a massage therapist though. Massage therapy students are always looking for people to practice on so you can probably get a good deal on the price, especially for a small group.

Supply the Basics
Make your spa party special by providing disposable spa robes, slippers, headbands, eye masks, and big fluffy towels. Rent a couple of foot spas and buy a bag of marbles to place in the foot spa so guest can massage their feet while soaking.

Cool Party Favors
One idea is to buy or make "reflexology socks" to give out as party favors. Take a pair of thin white cotton socks and some permanent markers and draw the areas of the foot that correspond to the parts of the body.

Spa Food and Drinks
Serve sparkling water garnished with edible flowers, herbal tea drinks, fruit vinegar drinks (clinical studies show drinking 2 to 3 tablespoons of vinegar mixed with water helps promote weight loss). Options for spa party food can include shrimp cocktail, fresh fruits and cheese, or tea sandwiches.

Set the Mood
Fresh flower petals tossed in lavender essential oil, aromatherapy scented candles, and white sheets over the furniture to give your living room that clean white spa feel (and prevent spills from ruining the upholstery). Choose music to set the mood for you and your guests.

If your spa party is in the afternoon, open the drapes and shades and let the sunshine stream in. For evening spa parties dim the lights and use candlelight. Bowls of lemons and limes make nice decorative accents-and smell good too.

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