Luxurious Beauty Treats for Valentine's Day (and Every Day!)

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day (or any special day) than with roses, champagne, chocolate, and strawberries? With ingredients that are good enough to eat here are some of our favorite luxurious beauty treats. Enjoy!

Dagoba Chocolate eco lip balm

1. For Kissable Lips...

On a diet but craving chocolate? Get your chocolate fix--and kissable lips--from Dagoba Certified Organic Chocolate Lip Balm from Eco Lips. Available in three flavors: Roseberry, mint, and lavender (my favorite!).

For kissable lips the Pomegranate "All The Better To Kiss You With" Organic Lip Balm (pictured above) is sure to please. Certified USDA Organic, it's made with ingredients that soothe dry lips and comes in a beautiful floral tin.

KORRES Japanese Rose

2. Pamper your Body...

If you prefer flowers over fruits, then you might want to check out the Japanese Rose Shower Gel and Body Butter from KORRES, a Greek company that combines nature and science to create some of the best skin care products around. Check out my product review of KORRES wild rose 24-hour moisturizing cream.

If you love creamsicles, you'll love Deep Steep Tangerine Organic Body Wash and Organic Body Butter from Minimus. What's cool about this company is that they only sell travel sizes--perfect for travel or trying out new products.

Fire & Ice Martini Cocoa Mix

3. Stimulate the Taste Buds...

Stimulate your taste buds this Valentine's Day with Fire & Ice Martini Hot Cocoa Mix from 2 Chicks with Chocolate. Made with dark chocolate (a powerful antioxidant) and spices, serve it as hot cocoa "Fire" or "Ice" as a Chocolate Martini (instructions included). Be sure to check out my review of their delicious Chocolate Spice Tiles too. Yummy!

Strawberry body souffle

4. Engage your Senses...

Engage your senses with some deliciously decadent (and edible of course!) Dark Chocolate Raspberry Body Paint suggests Jaira Lima, owner of Jaira's Salon. If that's too risque for you, then the Strawberry Creme Body Souffle is another yummy option. This luscious, whipped moisturizer smells like strawberries and cream and works just as well as massage oil but is water based, melting away in water.

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Chocolate honey body mask
Photo c. Glade Jacobsen from Nature's Beauty Secrets by Dawn Gallagher, Universe Publishing, 2011

5. Good Enough To Eat...

Chocolate is stimulating to the circulation and full of antioxidants. This recipe is inspired by a treatments available at the Bimasena Spa at the Sharmawansa Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Chocolate Honey Body Mask*

  • 5 Tbsp pure clove honey
  • 15 Tbsp cocoa powder
1. Heat the honey gently in the microwave until it is smooth but not quite runny.

2. Measure the honey into a shallow bowl and add the cocoa powder. Return to the microwave and heat for another 10 to 15 seconds, and blend thoroughly.

3. To use, spread a thin, even layer over the body with a small brush while the mixture is warm but not hot.

4. Allow to cool and dry completely, about 10 minutes.

5. Soak the mask off in the tub.

6. Finish off your treatment with a body lotion with vanilla fragrance.

*Recipe printed by permission from Nature's Beauty Secrets by Dawn Gallagher, Universe Publishing, 2011.

Read my book review of Nature's Beauty Secrets.

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