Ruby Slippers lip gloss
Pucker Up: Kissable Lips for Valentine's Day

Lip gloss is flattering for all age groups, from teens to moms to the over 40 crowd, and these days eco-friendly glamour girls have more choices than ever. From the palest of pinks to mocha velvet and the flavors of dark chocolate and cherry, papaya, and blood orange, here are 6 of our favorite natural lip glosses, lip stains, and lip balms, guaranteed to make your lips more kissable than ever this Valentine's Day!

1. "Ruby Slippers" (pictured above)
If you're in the mood to be a glamour girl this Valentine's Day, then I'd suggest wearing "Ruby Slippers" on your lips. Not only did I love the name and the deep rich bittersweet red color of this lip gloss, but I also loved the way it smelled. That may sound like a strange comment, but "Ruby Slippers" is specially formulated with blood orange essential oil to promotes healthy lips that appear fuller and more luscious. Kissable? You bet!

* No petroleum, parabens, dyes, carmine, and artificial dyes or fragrances.
Christopher Drummond Beauty

2. Opal
Want to keep it cool this Valentine's Day? Then paint your lips with the palest pink frosted shimmer courtesy of Opal Sheer Organic Shimmer, a mineral lip tint with natural peppermint flavor. Flattering for all ages, you'll look so cool in your new lip color that you'll be irresistible!

* No parabens, artificial colors or fragrances.
Kiss My Face

3. Pink Diamonds
I loved the classic cotton candy sparkly pink color of the Pink Diamonds Everyday Lip Gloss in the tube, but worried that it was going to look too "teeny bopperish" on me. It didn't. What it did look like was completely natural, giving my lips a mere whisper of pink color that looked and behaved like a well-formulated lipstick-without leaving any lipstick marks on my teeth. As the name says, it's great for every day!

* 100% Cruelty Free, Made-in-the-USA, and a portion of every purchase goes directly to breast cancer research and education.
Everyday Lip Gloss

4. Dark Chocolate & Cherry
This lip butter from Palmer's is a clear gloss with the delicious aroma of dark chocolate and cherry, reminiscent of those yummy chocolate covered cherries we can't resist at Valentine's Day! Perfect for any woman who wants to add some shine to her lips without the color.

* 100% pure cocoa butter

5. Papaya
Softlips is a favorite of mine (see my Softlips review) and I was happy to see they've come out with four new flavors, including papaya, acai berry, chai tea, and peppermint. More satin sheen, than gloss, your lips will be happy wearing any of these flavors.

* Certified USDA Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers and cruelty free.

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Mocha Velvet 6. Mocha Velvet
Billing itself as a "naturally glistening lip moisturizer", ecotints definitely lives up to its name. The mocha velvet color is a flattering shade for most skin types. It glides on smooth, provides long-lasting coverage and has just enough shine to it, that it's noticeable on your lips, yet appears completely natural. A great choice for the minimalist make-up wearer!

* Cruelty free, carmine free, gluten free, and free from hydrogenated oils.
ecotints by EcoLips

Lip Conditioning Tip:
To condition lips before applying lip gloss, lip stains, or lipstick the Epsom Salt Council offers this advice: Mix a few tablespoons of Epsom Salt with a teaspoon of jojoba or almond oil. Apply to lips and rub lightly to exfoliate. The mixture gently scrubs away dry skin on the lips and around the lip area, leaving lips rejuvenated and smooth. It also helps lipstick to last longer and give lips an instant plump.

More beauty tips from the Epsom Salt Council

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