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Lavender & Rosemary Body Scrub Recipes

If you've ever experienced a salt or sugar body scrub at a spa, you're probably keen to repeat the experience at home. These body scrub recipes are a great way to exfoliate dry skin during the winter months or to polish your skin before the arrival of summer. These two body scrub recipes are quick and easy to make, and will leave your skin feeling great without busting your budget.

Jojoba oil is recommended over olive oil because it is more easily absorbed into the skin and makes a wonderful moisturizer for dry skin. If you use olive oil, be sure to use the cold pressed extra virgin variety. Lavender is soothing while rosemary is invigorating. You can add fresh lavender flowers if desired, which are somewhat soft, but do not use fresh or dried rosemary as the small lance-shaped leaves have sharp pointed ends.

Summer Lavender Sugar Scrub

  • cup jojoba oil
  • cup of white cane sugar
  • 6 drops of lavender essential oil
  • Bunch of finely chopped fresh lavender and flowers (optional)
Winter Rosemary Salt Scrub
  • cup sea salt or table salt
  • cup jojoba oil
  • 4 drops rosemary essential oil

Mix ingredients to make a paste. Rub onto your body before taking a shower, scrubbing vigorously. Leave the mixture on your body for a minute or two before rinsing off. You should feel tingly all over and your skin may turn red where you scrubbed it. Don't worry this is normal. Just remember to avoid sensitive skin areas though, such as your face and neck.

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