PRIMAVERA Hugs & Kisses Gift Set
5 Terrific Natural Beauty Gifts for the Holidays

From soft hands and kissable lips and silky smooth skin these holiday gift picks from Marigold Lane feature the yummiest flavors of the season including invigorating peppermint, spicy ginger, and the soothing scent of orange and might just be the perfect gift for you or anyone else that needs a little pampering right now--or any time!

1. Hugs & Kisses Gift Set
PRIMAVERA Certified Natural Skincare and Aromatherapy

Holiday flavors: Ginger, Lime, Orange, and Black Currant

What you get: A terrific gift set (pictured above) comprised of a ginger-lime scented hand and nail cream and a neroli-cassis lip balm in a beautifully packaged gift box. The ginger-lime hand cream is energizing and soothing while the lip balm is a thick soothing balm that seals in natural moisture to condition and protect lips from the harsh winter elements.

What I like best: The certified organic ingredients used by PRIMAVERA, a German company that recently debuted its products in the US. PRIMAVERA's partner farm in Sri Lanka provides the ginger, while the lime hails from Brazil and the Jojoba is cultivated in Peru.

Where to buy: PRIMAVERA

COOLA Body Lotion Bar

2. Grapefruit & Peppermint Body Lotion Bar
COOLA Organic Sun Care Collection

Holiday flavor: Peppermint

What you get: Solid at room temperature, once the Body Lotion Bar is gently rubbed on your body, the heat of your skin causes it to "melt" where it is quickly absorbed into the skin making it feel soft and silky.

What I like best: The COOLA Body Lotion Bar is hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, as well as PABA, Paraben, Petroleum and Phthalate-free and contains 97% certified organic inactive ingredients such as shea butter and almond and jojoba oils. The can is also aluminum and easy to recycle!

Where to buy: Coola Organic Sun Care Collection

Dirty Beauty

3. Therapy Bath Salts with Dead Sea Salts
Dirty Beauty Skincare

Holiday flavor: Peppermint

What you get: Therapy Bath Salts made with Dead Sea Salts that delivers the scent of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Peppermint as you relax in the bath.

What I like best: The peppermint essential oil in the bath salts is a great pick me up after a stressful day plus an attractive green glass bottle that is made of 40% recycled glass and can be reused as a vase.

Where to buy: Dirty Beauty

Argana Mon Tresor

4. Argana Mon Tresor
Argana Spa, Gad Cohen

Holiday flavor: Orange Blossom

What you get: Argan Cream, made with the oil of argan nuts, Orange Blossoms, and Shea Butter, in a beautiful glass jar with a decorative hand-tooled silver lid reflecting its Moroccan origin that protects skin against dryness enhances skin elasticity, and reduces signs of aging.

What I like best: That all of the ingredients, including the nuts of the argan tree from which the "Liquid Gold" argan oil is derived, are naturally harvested by Berber women and processed in Morocco and North Africa.

Where to buy: Available online at Argana Spa or through fine beauty professionals and spas

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MyChelle Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser

5. Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser & Incredible Pumpkin Peel
MyChelle Dermaceuticals

Holiday flavor: Pumpkin

What you get: A cleanser made with Pumpkin Fruit and Honey that hydrates the skin and a peel that exfoliates using a formula of Pumpkin Pulp, Enzymes and Fermented Juice that leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and glowing.

What I like best: The way the Pumpkin Cleanser and the Incredible Pumpkin Peel made my skin feel was amazing. And, combined with the yummy and completely natural flavors and ingredients, they both seemed good enough to eat!

Where to buy: Available at Whole Foods Stores Nationwide or online at MyChelle Dermaceuticals

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