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8 Beauty and Personal Care Products Featuring Your Favorite Yuletide Ingredients

From frankincense bath salts to lavender mint shampoo and luscious nutmeg lip liners, cranberry extract toner, and peppermint twist toothpaste these 8 natural beauty and personal care products feature your favorite yuletide ingredients!

1. Peppermint Twist Whitening Toothpaste and Rinse

Holiday Ingredients: Peppermint

The Scoop: All-natural ingredients in this dentist created oral care line include grapefruit seed extract, menthol and xylitol to cleanse the mouth, silica to polish the teeth, and sage oils to help prevent gingivitis and reduce/prevent plaque.

Best Use: After holiday parties and meals

What I liked: The peppermint zing left my mouth feeling fresh and clean--without the burn. Plus there's no sodium lauryl sulfate, an ingredient that is known to irritate skin in some people.

Where to Find It: The Natural Dentist

Bonus points: Toothpaste caps and rinse bottles are 100% recyclable and there's no box (saves virgin forest trees!).

2. Nutmeg Lip Liner and Cranberry Spice Crème Lipstick

Holiday Ingredient: Nutmeg, Cranberry Spice (in name only)

The Scoop: Both the Nutmeg Lip Liner and Cranberry Spice Crème Lipstick are "holiday flavors" in name only, but I thought it would be fun to include them because they are such terrific products. Made with 100% organic natural ingredients, the colors are rich, long lasting, smudge-proof!

Best Use: On your lips under the mistletoe

What I liked: Rich colors that compliment many skin tones

Where to Find It: Beauty 360®, SEARS Beyond Beauty, Mineral Essence, and select salons and spas

Bonus points: No parabens, talc, bismuth oxichloride, preservatives, or other additives

3. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo™ and Conditioner™

Holiday Ingredient: Mint

The Scoop: Lavender, mint, and tea tree oil are the key ingredients in this line of shampoos and conditioners that is sure to soothe the senses during this busy holiday season.

Best Use: Stress buster

What I liked: The wonderful scent

Where to Find It: To locate a salon near you visit

Bonus points: A portion of all Paul Mitchell Tea Tree product sales go towards funding American Forests® Global ReLeaf and Wildfire ReLeaf programs.

4. Sleep Comes Easy Gift Pack

Holiday Ingredient: Frankincense, clove

The Scoop: Founder and chief formulator Laura Lamun offers up a wonderful little gift pack with all the essentials you need to ensure sweet dreams all night long. Contains a salve and body lotion whose ingredients include essential oil of clove, along with a sleep mist and bath salts both formulated with essential oil of frankincense.

Best Use: Before bed

What I liked: The earthy fragrance and the way the four products worked together, plus the fun and funky packaging!

Where to Find It: Little Moon Essentials

Bonus points: Handmade in Colorado, strictly organic, with unusual ingredients

5. Eufora Beautifying Serum

Holiday Ingredient: Cranberry

The Scoop: Advanced skin care technology combined with the ancient art of natural healing using ingredients such as cranberry and the Hawaiian kukuii nut, neem, and argan.

Best Use: Revitalize and rejuvenate hair, skin, and scalp

What I liked: Silky smooth feel and subtle fragrance

Where to Find It: Visit Eufora International to locate a salon near you.

Bonus points: Natural healing ingredients from around the globe

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EnPointe Balance clarifying toner

6. Balancé Clarifying Toner

Holiday Ingredient: Cranberry

The Scoop: Formulated by plastic surgeon Christine Rodgers, M.D., this toner contains a mélange of natural plant extracts such as ginger, ginseng and witch hazel, but the star ingredient is cranberry extract that enhances your skin's natural radiance, restores your skin's natural pH, and helps soothe irritated skin caused by stress or environmental factors.

Best Use: Refresh and Soothe Skin

What I liked: How whisper soft it felt on my skin

Where to Find It: En Pointe Skin Solutions

Bonus points: Paraben and sulfate-free, made in the USA


7. Sweet Marrakesh Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil

Holiday Ingredient: Clove, mint, cinnamon

The Scoop: The anti cellulite massage oil is a complex mix of 100% pure argan oil, cactus oil and castor oil combined with essential oils of lemon, clove, eucalyptus, thyme, oregano, green mint, mint pouliot, and cinnamon.

Best Use: Massage after a long day

What I liked: The subtle clove scent that changes to mint as it warms on your skin.

Where to Find It: Visit Sweet Marrakesh

Bonus points: Products are certified Ecocert and USDA and 100% organic


8. Peppermint Bath Bomb

Holiday Ingredient: Peppermint

The Scoop: Luxurious bath bombs are hand made with ingredients from around the world and are paraben free, sulfate free and not tested on animals.

Best Use: Pick me up after a long day of holiday festivities

What I liked: Peppermint fragrance is both calming and invigorating

Where to Find It: Beau Bain

Bonus points: Hand made in Portland, OR (support local businesses!)

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