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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Walk More Than 10,000 Steps a Day

You've heard of the 10,000 steps method of weight loss, right? Well, a new study has confirmed that those 10,000 steps you are so dutifully taking every day are great for maintaining your weight. But if you're a woman who is younger than age 50, you'll need to walk more a few more steps than that to actually lose weight. The 10,000 steps is only effective if you're between 50 and 60. If you're over 60 you can take it down a notch and get by with walking 8,000 steps. Under the age of 40? Then, you'll need to walk 11,000 to 12,000 steps every day.

At 10,000 steps equals 5 miles, that's a lot of steps.

I am a huge fan of walking. I've lost weight (anywhere from 8 to 20 pounds) using a daily walking routine. It really works and the weight stays off as long as you still walk. Pre-kids, I walked about 6 miles a day. Post-kids, it's a bit more difficult. And with winters that include frequent ice and snow in this region of the country, my daily walk is non-existent for nearly 6 months of the year.

Last summer I bought a pedometer to see how many steps I was actually walking every day. With my daily walk pushing my twinmobile--a Mountain Buggy Urban Double twin stroller with two 3 year olds weighing in at a combined weight of 85 pounds--I was barely walking those 10,000 steps. Forgoing the walk, the number of steps dropped to about half that--even chasing around a couple of 3 year olds.

This is definitely NG (not good). Join me in clipping on those pedometers ladies. Let's get walking!

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