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Friday, December 14, 2007

Stress Reliever: Relaxation Tanks

One of the best stress relievers in life is simply breathing deeply. Then there's meditation, massage, yoga, and, floating in a relaxation tank, preferably one that is warm, filled with saltwater and is light and soundproof.

The feeling of weightlessness, warmth, and lack of sensory stimulation helps heal the body. In fact, studies show that blood pressure along with stress hormones are reduced. People feel less stressed and anxious, and prolactin, the hormone associated with breastfeeding and a feeling of well-being, levels increased.

Sounds good to me. It reminds me of floating in the Caribbean Sea. There's nothing like it really. I even had a dream I once had a dream about floating in those warm, tropical waters. When I woke up, I was of course still in my bed, but I was amazed at how relaxed I felt. It was pretty much like being in that relaxation tank except it was all in my mind. When I take my kids to the pool I often pretend that I'm back floating in that warm Caribbean Sea. And it usually works at least for an hour or two.

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