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Sunday, December 09, 2007

BE GREEN: Make it a Greener Christmas

1. Use LED Christmas Lights on the tree and around the house. They use 90% less energy!

2. Use recycled wrapping paper, and then recycle it again.

3. Buy a live tree and plant it (or donate it to an organization that will plant it) later.

4. Decorate "au natural". Berries, sprigs, boughs, and greenery are all around you--you just have to look. Don't forget the clippers!

5. Buy safe, non-toxic toys and gifts made from bioplastic, wood and other natural materials.

6. Buy organic and fair trade gourmet food gifts--preferably locally made. There are lots of yummy products available from coffee and chocolate to cheese, wine, and beer.

7. Instead of a tree consider potted plants. Rosemary trees, ornamental chile peppers, and of course traditional Christmas flowers like poinsettias, paper white narcissus, and amaryllis.

8. If you a buy a Christmas tree, don't forget to put it out for recycling in January. Check with your municipality for the date.

9. Stay home or stay local instead of traveling across the country to visit relatives this year. Fuel emissions are one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gases.

10. Buy yourself a kitchen composter to compost those kitchen scraps such vegetable and fruit peelings, coffee grounds and tea bags, eggshells, and other organic waste. Meat and meat products shouldn't be composted though.

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