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Monday, December 10, 2007

Stay Thin: Eat your Fruits and Vegetables

This report in Science Daily sheds some light on why eating your fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of obesity and keeps people thinner. In a nutshell (literally), it's the antioxidant compounds in fruits and vegetables, which are called flavonoids and phenolic acids. These substances are also present in nuts and plant based drinks including coffee, tea and wine.

According to the article, "…fat cells exposed to certain antioxidants had lower levels of an enzyme that forms triglycerides and accumulated lower levels of triglycerides -- fatty materials which at high levels increase the risk of heart disease."

It's never too early to teach your kids to eat their fruits and veggies either. Here's how:

1. By eating fruits and veggies when you're pregnant and breastfeeding, you're getting your babies used to the taste since these flavors are in amniotic fluid and breast milk. This according to a study at the Monell Center in Philadelphia, PA that found that babies whose moms ate these foods had a higher acceptance of these foods when they started eating solids.

2. When your baby starts solids, give your baby the opportunity to try a variety of fruits and vegetables. It's a good time for you to try some new and different fruits and veggies too.

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