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Remember the book, French Women Don't Get Fat? One of her secret weapons was a yogurt maker. Really.

As most of us know by now, yogurt is a healthy food that makes a great snack for anyone on a diet. Mix some yogurt with a little honey and some flax seed oil (for those Omega-3 fatty acids) and you're good to go! Eating a few servings of yogurt everyday also helps meet the recommended daily allowance of calcium, especially important for women and children.

While making your own yogurt is fairly easy, there are times when you want someone else to do the work-in this case the yogurt maker. One advantage of using a yogurt maker for those who aren't fond of the taste of plain yogurt, which for many is an acquired taste, is that it's easy to add flavors to the yogurt. You can also add nuts and fruits. Or you may simply want a backup.

Yogurt makers require an electrical outlet, no fat, 1%, 2%, or full fat milk (cow, goat, soy), plain yogurt starter or package starter, and containers to place the yogurt in after it is ready. Some yogurt makers like the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker (see picture to the right) are sold with glass jars with lids. Simply mix the ingredients together and less than 12 hours later, you'll have perfect yogurt. No mess, no fuss.

Many yogurt makers come with automatic shut-offs but some do not. Most come with recipe books and almost all of them have a see-through lid that allows you to watch the yogurt "grow"-remember yogurt is a bacteria that is extremely beneficial for us. Using a yogurt maker to make delicious, healthy yogurt is the next best thing to making it yourself. Try it!

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