Arugula on pizza

Five Delicious Salad Greens to Try

Tired of the same old lettuce in your salad? Then give these five salad greens a try. You might be surprised!

1. Arugula
Arugula has a soft, slightly peppery, nutty flavor and can be sautéed, used as a basil substitute in pesto, in salads, or on pizza (shown above). Arugula also goes by the names of rocket, roquette, and Italian cress and is easy to grow but goes to seed rather quickly. It is a member of the mustard family (so it's really good for you), the same family as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower.

2. Lamb's Lettuce
Also called mache and Dutch corn salad, lamb's lettuce is a salad green with a mild flavor. Once popular in the US, it all but disappeared until recently. Lamb's lettuce is very hardy and considered a cool weather crop.

3. Belgian Endive
Belgian endive is actually the second growth bud of the chicory root and is grown in manner similar to forcing bulbs. In other words, after the chicory plant has completed its first reproductive cycle the roots are placed in a cool, humid, dark location where the bud is "forced". Endive does not exist in the natural world and only one bud per root is formed after which the root is discarded. Despite its white color, Belgian endive is chlorophyll rich. It is crunchy with a somewhat bitter taste.

4. Frisee
Frisee is French for curly, and curly it is. Frisee has a bitter taste and is often a component in mesculen salad greens. It has a peppery and somewhat bitter flavor, which adds a bit of zip to the salad and is also referred to as curly endive, endive, or chicordepending on which country you are in.

5. Escarole
Another green that is often used in Italian cooking, for example escarole and bean soup, but occasionally in salads (young, tender leaves only), is escarole. It is yet another type of endive or chicory and has a slightly bitter taste, although not as pronounced as endive.

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