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Green Dining: Green Restaurant Association

For all you foodies out there who are environmentally responsible as well, here's an idea whose time has come. To eat or dine green foodies used to be relegated to vegetarian hippie type restaurants. Now that's fine for casual dining, but sometimes you want to go someplace special (translated: upscale). Now you can and still feel green.

The a non-profit organization The Green Restaurant Association, is a collaborative effort between restaurants, manufacturers, vendors, grassroots organizations, government, media, and restaurant customers and provides a way for all sectors of the restaurant industry to become more environmentally sustainable.

One of GRA's goals is to reduce adverse environmental impacts of the restaurant industry on the planet. They accomplish this through outreach, education, research, and consulting. They even have a list of certified green restaurants on their website. To become certified a restaurant must meet the following criteria:

1. Use a comprehensive recycling system for all products that are accepted by local recycling companies.

2. Free of polystyrene foam ("Styrofoam") products.

3. Commit to completing four Environmental Steps per year of membership. (refer to Environmental Guidelines)

4. Complete at least one Environmental Step after joining the GRA.

So head on over to the Green Restaurant Association where you can find certified green restaurants in your neighborhood.

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