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Eco-Fashions: Bamboo Fiber

There are more choices than ever when it comes to environmentally -friendly sustainable clothing. Organic cotton, soy silk, bamboo fiber, and hemp to name a few of the newer fibers now being spun into clothing that's good for the planet and feels good on you too.

Bamboo is the planet's best friend these days. Renewable and versatile, bamboo can be used for more things than you could ever imagine. There's bamboo flooring, bamboo furniture (antique and modern), bamboo utensils and dinner service, bamboo towels and bathrobes, and now fashionable clothing made from bamboo aka environmentally friendly clothing.

Clothing and towels are made from bamboo fibers not the hollow bamboo stems that most bamboo objects are made from. Bamboo fiber clothing made from bamboo fibers is very comfortable because it is so soft. It's also naturally anti-bacterial, allows your skin to breathe, absorbs moisture but is quick to dry, and is biodegradable. It is also colorfast, which means it can be dyed and the colors won't run. The best part just might be that you will never have any static cling!

And for the record, if you think bamboo fiber seems strange, there's also soy silk , made from the waste of the tofu manufacturing process.

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