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Gardening in Small Places

The fact is that while many people enjoy gardening most people don't have the time or money to spend. That's why one or more of these five "thinking small" ideas might be just right for you.

1. Hanging Planter Baskets
If you have a porch, entranceway or balcony overhang, tree branch, or any structure where you can attach a bracket, then you can place a hanging planter basket filled with colorful blooms--or even a basket of ferns or foliage plants.

2. Window Boxes
Window boxes are another fairly easy way to have that garden and dress up your home, balcony, or apartment with flowers or baby vegetables. Check out these creative ideas for window boxes.

3. Planting Pockets
With a little bit of imagination it's easy to create planting pockets, whether it's the dripline under the eaves or a patch of dirt in between some boulders or along the walkway. Scatter a few seeds--marigolds, cosmos, or if you have the room, sunflowers--and you're off and running.

4. Container Gardens
Container gardens are becoming more and more popular. Like the name suggests, plants grow in containers instead of in the ground. You can even grow aquatic plants in a water container garden. Here's more information on plants for container gardens.

5. Trellises
If you only have a patch of dirt and a wall to work with then a trellis might do the trick. If you have a balcony, plant a vine in a container and use the railing as a trellis. Instant screen! Learn more about vertical gardens.

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