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Where to Find Free Rain Barrels

Many people wonder where they can find inexpensive rain barrels that don't cost $100 or more. Inexpensive or even free (plus the cost to retrofit) rain barrels are definitely out there, but you have to know where to look (or who to ask!). Of course you can always go the do it yourself route and retrofit a plastic trash can, but if you can find a rain barrel for free, then go for it.

Here's my list of where to find free rain barrels:

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1. Municipalities and Water Utilities
Many municipalities these days are encouraging water saving devices like rain barrels, and as a result, often give them away for free. They probably have a limited supply or may only offer them on certain days or at specific events. They may refer you to the water utility company.

2. Non-profit Organizations
If your municipality has no advice, then check out non-profit environmental organizations. They may have giveaways or know of places where you can get free or inexpensive rain barrels.

3. Car Wash
I've heard that car washes may have 55 gallon barrels that can be retrofitted as rain barrels but have never investigated it myself. I've also heard that they recycle them back to the supplier, but it never hurts to ask.

4. Feed Supply Store
If you live in a rural area, then another resource to try is the feed supply store where grains might be sold in large containers suitable for rain barrels.

5. Food or Beverage Manufacturing Facility
I've heard that in Atlanta, GA people can get 55-gallon drums from the Coca-Cola bottling plant for free. This may hold true for other food and beverage manufacturing or bottling facilities.

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