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Constructing a Simple Window Box Planter

Brighten your home's facade with easy to make window box planters. Whether they are filled with flowers, herbs, or miniature pumpkins and gourds, window box planters are sure to add a splash of color and delight passersby.

Window box planters are an easy home improvement project too. They can be as fancy or as plain as you'd like; however, keep in mind that if you decide on a scalloped top edge that in most cases, the flowers will be spilling out over the top and will probably cover up that fancy scalloped edge.

Here's what you need to do to make your own simple window box planter. For information on how and what to plant in a window box see Planting a Window Box.

Tools and Materials
--Tape Measure
--Speed Square
--Circular Saw or Miter Saw
--Cordless Drill
--1/3" Galvanized Steel Screws
--Wood Glue
--Cedar Wood
--Anchors or Brackets


1. Measure the window(s) that the window box will be attached to. The length of the window box planter should be the same as the length of the window. The height and depth can be whatever you want. 8 inches deep and 8 inches high are fairly typical sizes.

2. Figure out how much lumber is needed. For example, if the window box is 30 inches long by 8 inches deep by 8 inches high, you might use an 8-foot long 1 x 8 board for each window box planter plus a 1 x 10-inch board for the bottom piece, which should be two inches wider than the actual width.

3. Draw a diagram or write down the measurements on paper so you don't make mistakes when you start cutting the wood into different sizes.

4. Using a circular saw, cut the wood into the desired dimensions. Use a miter saw if you want mitered corners. There will five pieces total-2 sides, bottom, and front and back.

5. Pre-drill holes for screws in the four corners of the front, back, and bottom boards. While you are at it, also drill four holes in the bottom piece for drainage.

6. Glue the pieces of the window box together. Sometimes it is easier to glue the two sides to the front piece and then add the back piece, and finally the bottom piece. Let the glue set.

7. After the glue has set, place the screws in the pre-drilled holes. Sand any rough edges using sand paper.

8. Stain or paint (use a primer first) as desired using a finish that is specifically made for outdoor use.

9. Attach the window box to your window using brackets or anchors.

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