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Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Garden

Attracting hummingbirds to your garden is fairly easy as long as you live in a climate that is warm at least part of the year.

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One of the pleasures of gardening is experiencing the thrill of observing a hummingbird flitting around the flower garden. Native to the Americas, most hummingbirds live in warmer climates, but a few like the ruby throated hummingbird live as far north as Canada.

Native plants are ideal because the flower nectar is much sweeter. In addition, hummingbirds like birds, bees, and butterflies have evolved to be able to pollinate specific flowers. Their long beaks are perfect for any flowers that are trumpet, bell, or tubular-shaped such as trumpet vine and bellflowers, but any flower will do as long as it provides nectar. Hummingbirds are attracted by color and they're favorite color is red, but again, almost any color is fine.

Planting a mix of flowers that bloom in shade and sun as well as throughout the season or year will ensure that hummingbirds will be frequent visitors. Hummingbirds hover so flowers with longer stalks that are higher off the ground rather than closer to the ground are preferable. As with butterfly gardens, plant groups of the same flower instead of one of each. And, it goes without saying of course that pesticides should not be used.

Provide a water source if possible. A birdbath, spray mister, shallow bowl planted at grade level, a small trough work, or even a shallow rock with a depression to collect rainwater is fine. A final consideration is to make sure there are small trees and shrubs in the garden that can provide hummingbirds with shelter and a place where they can build their nests. After all, you want them to become long-term residents!

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