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Welcome to the Garden Conservatory!

The latest green furniture and accessories for your garden and outdoor living spaces, made from recycled or renewable resources. Environmentally friendly garden supplies, tips on designing your garden to attract wildlife, and more!

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Container Gardens
Plants for Container Gardens

Quick Guide to Container Gardening

Flowerpots and Planters for Container Gardens

Container Water Gardens

Container Gardening: Alpine Trough Gardens

Window Boxes
Planting a Window Box

Constructing a Simple Window Box Planter

Creative Ideas for Window Box Planters

Theme Gardens
Dragonflies in the Garden

Moon or Evening Gardens

Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Garden

Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden

Container Water Gardens

Vines for Vertical Gardens

Bamboo in the Garden

Flower Color in the Garden

Aster Flowers

All About Marigolds

The Magical World of Marigolds

Growing a Winter Herb Garden

Fruit or Vegetable?

Planting a Salad Garden

Envirnomentally Friendly Gardening
Where to Find Free Rain Barrels

The Benefits of Mulch in the Garden

Green Roof Gardens

5 Earth Friendly Gardening Tips

Organic Garden Fertilizers

Integrated Pest Management

Gardening How-To
Gardening in Small Spaces

How to Make a Simple Outdoor Fountain

How to Make Faux Stone Garden Planters

Paving Materials for Walkways and Terraces

Historic Gardens
Bartram's Garden

General Gardening Tips
Lawn & Garden Feature Articles from NGA

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