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Quick Guide to Container Gardening

Container gardening is gardening done on a small scale. Flowers, herbs, and vegetables are planted in containers such as large flowerpots and planters instead of in the ground in traditional planting beds.

Container gardening is ideal for anyone with an apartment or house whose only outdoor space consists of a tiny backyard, balcony, deck, or terrace. Container gardening is also perfect for anyone who wants to grow and enjoy fresh flowers, herbs, and vegetables but is short on time or who doesn't know much about gardening and wants to try it on a small scale.

On advantage of container gardening is that the garden is mobile. You can bring the containers indoors after the growing season and place them in a sunny windowsill or under grow lights. Or, if you have a patio that gets sun throughout the day and want to grow flowers or vegetables that require a lot of sun, the containers can easily be moved around to different locations.

The basic equipment needed for container gardening includes the containers, usually referred to as planters and flowerpots, potting soil, basic garden tools such as trowel, gloves, a watering can or garden hose, and of course enough sunlight to grow whatever you are interested in growing. A water-soluble fertilizer is good to have on hand, but not absolutely necessary.

Potting soil is preferred over regular soil from your yard, especially if you have clay soils. It's possible to use well-drained sandy soils; however, potting soil is designed to be lightweight (easier to move those containers around!) and it contains a mix of vermiculite to allow water to percolate through the soil so that the plant does not become waterlogged.

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