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Recycling Tires

Tires are a problem everywhere in the world., but Advanced PyroTech Sdn Bhd (APT), a Malaysian company has been doing something about it since July 2005.

Using a process called pyrolysis, the tires are shredded and fed into a furnace-like contraption whose temperature is 500 degrees Celsius causing the tires to literally melt, not burn. The result is no air pollution and no waste. Not only are they making sure old tires don’t sit in a landfill taking up space, the end products–black carbon, oil, steel wires and non-condensable flammable gas are recovered and sold.

But this is just the beginning. The capacity of this particular plant is 2.4 tonnes of tires per day. They plan on building another facility in Selangor with the capacity for 120 tonnes of tires per day. It is scheduled for completion in late 2007. The next largest facility that engages is waste recovery from old tires is a plant in Great Britain that recycles 40 tonnes of tires per day.

That’s a whole lot of tires and does a whole lot of good for the environment. According to news report, APT estimates that Peninsular Malaysia alone churns out 180,000 tonnes per year. The article goes on to say that landfills only take 3% of the bulk, some tires are retreaded, sent to ports, go-kart tracks, or cement kilns or used as flower-pots. Most tires are thrown into rivers, jungles or mining ponds, and the rest are burned for the steel wires.

Good news for the environment and health of the planet.

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