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Global Warming? More Blustery Days Ahead

Has anyone else noticed that the winds are becoming stronger and more frequent over the past five years or so? Gusty blustery days—and not just associated with storms. Is the weather becoming more dramatic?

We’ve all heard about global warming and whether you believe it or not, there’s definitely something afoot with the weather patterns. I believe global warming is a natural trend that occurs regardless of the human presence. Unfortunately it is being accelerated by human abuse of the land, water, and air—and this is what I disagree with.

The World Meteorological Organisation states that the incidence of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes over the Atlantic Ocean has doubled in the past 35 years. However, they also go on to say that it is uncertain whether this can be attributed to global warming.

An expert from The Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, in an article published 10 December 2003 in the UK newspaper The Guardian, says that due to climatic changes over the past 50 years Britain has become twice as stormy as it once was. Storms have become slightly less frequent in Iceland and slightly more frequent in Britain.

In addition, high pressure (causing calm dry weather) and low-pressure (causing wind and rain) events are becoming more extreme. As a result westerly winds have increased in strength, a phenomenon that The Hadley Centre says cannot be explained away as natural variations, but is most likely due to mad-made climate changes.

Interesting. Seems to me that a similar wind pattern is occurring right here in the United States, but no one is admitting to it. Why would that be?

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