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Green Card: Philips Electronics

Most corporations pay lip service to establishing green initiatives. But not Philips Electronics. They have come up with a clever idea that will save trees and make consumers happy. So what have they done? Let me tell you.

You know those pesky magazine inserts otherwise known as subscription cards that everyone dislikes? Philips is actually paying (yes paying) Hearst Corporation $2 million to NOT have those cards in some of the magazines they publish. Say what?

Philips has pledged to make life simpler–at least for the people who buy the September issues of O at Home, Redbook, House Beautiful, and Weekend. Instead, Philips is taking out a two-page advert with the line "Simplicity is not having subscription cards fall out of your magazine." And of course, simplicity is something I think everyone should strive for.


However, since those cards account for about 12% of new subscribers (according to a article) and internet accounts for nearly as much, almost 10%, the advert will direct readers to various Philips Electronics’ websites where readers can subscribe to the magazines if they so desire.

Definitely a win-win situation, wouldn’t you agree? Now, if only other corporations would follow suit, the planet would be better off.

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